Central Bank May Finally Be Losing Control – 11 June 2013

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Matthew Boesler

Why are stocks, bonds, and commodities all looking weak?

Ever since the release of the April employment report on May 3 – which came in better than the market expected, as evidenced by the big sell-off in U.S. Treasuries that ensued – all anyone has been talking about is the dreaded “taper.”

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John Ward – Hunt Balls : Slog Spoofclusive…Leaked Pre-Doctored Press Release From Department Of Health Reveals Shock Death-Rates Agenda – 11 June 2013

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govukPress release: Local variation in avoidable death rates revealed

The “shocking” local variation in early death rates was exposed today by Health Secretary and ConservativeHome cub-reporter Jeremy Rhyminge-Slang

The “shocking” local variation in early death rates has been exposed by Jeremy to drive his public awareness up and boost his career as PPP’s main secret agent in the Coalition Government, reporting to her Ladyship Baroness Frunt-Bottomley

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Don Quijones – The Unthinkable Happens : Former TBTF Bank Chief Goes To Jail – 11 June 2013

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bank chiefLike Al Capone’s ruthless gang of bootleggers before their fateful brush with the legendary lawman Elliot Ness, today’s banking executives believe they can flout pretty much every law without the slightest fear of sanction. And judging by the number of convictions meted out to senior bankers in the wake of the global crisis they almost single-handedly caused, their sense of hubris and impunity seems entirely justified.

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